The Long Awaited Launch of Red Tribune

The Long Awaited Launch of Red Tribune

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Posted on Sep/29/2021

Red Tribune, a major player in online classified advertising, has now been launched. This new classified ads platform provides a space for a growing number of people who are searching for products and services online. 

Rapid Growth of Classified Ads Market

Classified advertising is not anything new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of advertising methods, dating back to the 18th century in the form of newspapers. People of all different ages have found it easy to advertise and find what they need as ads are typically short and inexpensive to run. 

As the internet became widely available however, revenue from classified advertising in newspapers started to decline as an increased number of users started to search products and services online. 

Online classified advertising continues to expand its presence around the globe. One recent study found that the global online classified market is expected to reach over $32 billion USD in 2024. The contributing factors are said to include the rise in the use of mobile wallets, smartphone users and growth in mobile advertising. The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has also meant that more marketers and buyers were forced online, further contributing to the rapid growth of online classified advertising.

Who Is Classified Advertising for?

But who should use Red Tribune classified ads? The simple answer is ‘everyone’. Having said that, the use of classified ads is an especially effective marketing method for those who own a business, provide educational services, and advertise recruitment opportunities.

Business owners

A large number of business owners have attributed their growth in sales to their use of classified advertising. Not only is it effective in advertising their products and services, but it’s also a smart way to broadcast their sales promotions and business offers. The low cost involved in advertising on a classified ad website means that even small businesses with a small budget can greatly benefit by advertising using classified ads.

Education service providers

Classified advertising is a quick and easy way for education providers, such as trainers and tutors, to advertise their services. By making use of all relevant categories and cross-promoting their services, educational service providers can draw potential customers in a very effective way, without breaking their marketing budget.

Recruitment offers and recruitment seekers

Classified advertising is a great way for both employers and employees to find their potential match. Employers can offer full-time and part-time permanent positions and casual positions without any limitations and potential employees are able to be as descriptive as they wish as to the type of employment they are looking for.  

Red Tribune is great news for everyone 

The launch of Red Tribune is great news for everyone. The website is easy to navigate and looks great both on mobile devices and desktops. It’s free to advertise but it also offers paid advertising at a low-cost which greatly increases your chance of getting noticed by the people that matter to you.