Why You Should Sell Your Products and Services on a Classified Ads Website

Why You Should Sell Your Products and Services on a Classified Ads Website

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Posted on Sep/08/2021

Classified ads are perhaps one of the more traditional types of advertising methods and there is good reason why it is still accepted as one of the most effective advertising options.

What are classified ads?

Classified ads have been around for years in the form of local newspapers and magazines. They are small ads, often used to sell goods and services and to offer a job or find one. However, since the arrival of the internet, most classified ads have taken on a digital form. Millions of classified ads are posted every single week!

Why is this morphed version of simple classified ads still being trusted as the go-to solution for advertising needs?

Benefits of advertising with classified ads

1.  Simple to use
The biggest attraction of classified ads is their simplicity. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up an ad and it is very cheap to run, especially in comparison to other forms of advertising such as radio and TV advertising. While setting up ads on pay-per-click or social media platforms is not as costly, it can be more time consuming.

2. Relevant audience
The other benefit of using classified ads is that it’s very effective in drawing the relevant audience. Unlike some display ads that are shown indiscriminately to anyone, classified ads are found by those who are actively searching for your product or service. This means you can expect a high return from a relatively low number of visits to your ad

There are plenty of other benefits that are unique to classified ads. But how can you make sure you can stay ahead of the game in this crowded space? Follow the tips below to make your blow count! 

Tips to help you get the results you are after

1.  Keep it short and punchy
Don’t feel limited by the character limit on your ad. Instead, use it to create the most punchy line you can think of to attract the visitors you are looking for. Choose your words carefully and be informative. Think about what visitors need to know and describe your product or service as short as you can. Before submitting an ad, make sure to go over it  again, just to be sure that it represents you and your service accurately.

2.  Include a call-to-action sentence
Make sure to add a call-to-action phrase to get those indecisive visitors to make a move. Show how they can proceed to get in touch with you. You may provide details such as your website, contact numbers or address. 

3. Review and modify 
Keep an eye on the progress of your ad by regularly checking the status of your ad. You can find out such information as views and clicks. If it seems to be underperforming, it may be time to make some changes.  Track the changes you make and analyse the data to further improve your current and future ads. Improving an existing ad can greatly increase the traffic and conversion rate. 

With so many benefits and its simplicity, advertising with classified ads is a no-brainer!

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