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Hi there,I am a Veteran and a Top Certified Personal trainer in Orange County and I'm currently offering a Special Promotional Rates for my personal training services.It's start as low as $35/session for a 1 hour long not 30 minutes like the other trainers.It's come with a meal plan, nutritional counseling and grocery list. NO Gym fees.All training takes place at a Private Gym in Irvine by John Wayne airport and off the 405/55 freeways. Nearby Equinox Gym. And No gym fees.Please visit www.fastresultfitness.com to see some of my recent success stories!The training includes:* Meal plan* Nutrition counseling* Grocery list* No gym fees* Flexible Schedules* Body Fat measurement**** I have trained over 20,000 sessions ; working with kids, men and women of all ages.I offer Meal plan, nutritional counseling, as well as a workout designed specifically to your goals, fitness level, and body type.About me: I've been training for the past 12 years and have 15 years of experience in Health and Fitness. My educational background studied focus areas are Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Weight Loss. Resistance training, Core development, Specific sports training, and Strength training as well.If you're tired of Struggling to Lose Weight, and Not achieving your fitness goals, then you need to contact me ASAP!Call now and lets get started today! Jackie   714-580-5399 Direct LineCertified Personal Trainer, Fully Insured, CPR & First Aid certified as well.***